Publisher: Blue Orange Games

Designers: TREO Game Designers

Ages: 6+

Players: 2-4

Duration: 15 min.

As a kid, I remember having a great time making funny faces. Sitting around with your friends, comparing which one is better. Well, that’s what Cubeez is all about… making the best funny face, and doing it before your friends do! Cubeez is a kid’s puzzle game, very similar to Mindo but for 2-4 players… and a lot more intense, because its a race to see who finishes first! Will you make the funniest face before your friends can?

What’s in the box?

Inside the box there are 12 cubes (3 or each colour, 2 square and 1 rectangle) and 50 challenge cards. The components are nice: I’m glad that the went with wooden pieces instead of plastic, because it gives the game a way better feel. The cards are nice quality (and I’m glad they did white borders, cause kids will flip them a lot). The art is cute and whimsical, and the colours are vibrant. And the box is really nice as well, and the insert is well done. All in all great production from Blue Orange Games.

So how do you play?

Gameplay is simple: everyone gets their cubes, and the 50 cards are shuffled and places in a pile between all the players. Then, get ready to begin. The youngest player will flip over the top card of the deck, and then all players will race to position their cubes so they will replicate the face on the card. If you think you got it, place your hand on the draw pile! If you got it correct, then you take the card and keep it. But if you’re wrong, then you are out of the round and play continues.

As soon as someone gets 10 card, then they are the winner! It’s important to note, not all faces are the same. Sometimes you have to stack them on top of others, and some of the symbols are repeated, so you gotta work fast and make sure you get the right cubes in the right place!

Is it any good?

Cubeez is a lot of fun, and its a fun intense race. The are is super cute and really makes it pop on the table. It’s really cute watching the kids race and try to the find the correct eyes or mouths and then race to put your hand on the draw pile. The gameplay is extremely simple and easy to learn, and like Mindo, you can just leave young kids to play it by themselves and they don’t need your help.

The one thing to take note of is that when parents do play it with their kids, you usually have a huge advantage because you will be faster than them at finishing. I usually go extra slow for a few rounds, but that’s ok cause it’s still fun for the kids. Just keep in mind that going full on will result in getting the most cards.

That being said, this is a super vibrant game that kids love. It’s simple for them to learn and play, and a winner here for us. Bonus points if you can make the face on the card you won! Another winner here from Blue Orange Games.


  • Cute art and great production
  • Fast gameplay that keeps you on your toes
  • Easy rules and great for kids to play by themselves without parents


  • It’s a game where the parents will easily win over young kids, so you gotta go easy on them.

*Thank you to Blue Orange Games for supplying a copy of Cubeez for this review. You can find out more about them and their amazing games by clicking here*

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